my granma told me to take a helicopter to rih dil, there were five mudslides and the roads wouldn't be fixed for a month

Rih Dil is a lake in Myanmar that sits close to the border with neighboring Indian state Mizoram. Rih Dil is a site of wonder, beauty, and speculation for Mizo people. That they as a people have been divided into two different countries since colonial times does not stop Mizos from crossing the international border to visit the lake - for vacation, to take wedding photots, to acknowledge its place within their cultural memory. The lake has a library of legends regarding its creation which continue to unfold through oral storytelling.
This video piece uses Rih Dil as the conceptual nucleus to explore the myth and fluidity of place.

in order of appearance (voice):
maggi zheng
stevie choi
erin min
gabriel brenner
lalhlimpuii sailo
saizami tripathi
sookie kwak

thank you lisa renthlei, sarita zed-schreiber